having lived in California, Oklahoma, and New England, while Maria had stayed busy as a teacher in the Taft City School District.

Even before they were married, Randy and Maria knew God had brought them together to serve Him as a team. Not long after their marriage in July of 2011, God brought Randy back in touch with Billy Rash, Pastor of Kern Christian Center in Bakersfield, who had ordained Randy as he was just starting out in the ministry in 1987.

At Pastor Billy's invitation, Randy and Maria launched West Kern Christian Center in their hometown of Taft, California, helping Pastor Billy and the congregation of Kern Christian Center realize another part of the vision God had given them 30 years ago.

Maria Bunch has been a school teaching for the better part of three decades, serving the Taft City School District that entire time. Both Randy and Maria's roots go deep into the community and they are delighted to have the opportunity to invest into the lives of the people of Taft and the surrounding community.

About West Kern Christian Center

West Kern Christian Center is a Spirit-filled, Bible teaching church. Our focus is "connecting people to His purpose" for their lives. Whether you are a seasoned believer or just an earnest seeker into the claims of Christianity, it is our desire to help you move closer to God and connect to His purpose for your life. We sincerely believe that God has called every person to a significant life of meaning and purpose - one which grows in both fruitfulness and fulfillment. We hope you'll join us!

​​A Spirit-Filled, Bible Teaching, Word of faith Church

God brought Randy and Maria together after they had spent much of their adult lives in very different places, doing different things. Randy had been busily involved in various ministry endeavors over the years,

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And How We Got Here

Randy Bunch has been preaching and teaching the Word of God for over 30 years, serving as both pastor and traveling minister, planting churches and ministering to local fellowships around the country and the world.

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