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Changeless Truth for a Changing World


​speaking to God in a supernatural language

Pastor Randy's life was dramatically changed through His own experience with the Holy Spirit on April 1, 1984 (yes, April Fool's Day), when He was filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Since that time, God has used Pastor Randy to travel to churches across America, and even overseas, to teach on the relevance and the importance of the Holy Spirit's role and ministry in and through our lives. This book deals mostly with the subject of speaking in tongues, a subject that has been met with great skepticism by many, but which is clearly taught in the Word of God.

The Gospel's Saving Power 

Now in its second edition!

The most recent of Pastor Randy's books, The Gospel's Saving Power is a teaching on the subject of salvation, covering it's various applications to our lives. Communicated both doctrinally and with numerous stories from Pastor Randy's life and ministry, The Gospel's Saving Power is a great read for both believers and earnest seekers alike. Whether you've been saved for most of your life or just now checking into the claims of the Christian faith, this book will be a great help in understanding what God provided for us through the redemption of Jesus Christ. The Gospel's Saving Power is available in paperback and in ebook format from Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Apple iBooks.

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​​A Spirit-Filled, Bible Teaching, Word of faith Church



For anyone who has ever had to defend the Christian Faith or the Biblical from those who mistakenly think that science has replaced the need for God! Dr. Randy's new book is a powerful and pursuasive defensive of the Christian faith, explaining that scientific discoveries of the last one hundred years have continuously validated the Biblical worldview. This iBook is available on iTunes and even inlcudes a seven minute video introduction that goes into detail regarding these discoveries. A great and very quick read for those who feel the need to brush up on their aguments for the Christian faith in regard to scientific objections.

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This collection of devotional essays is sure to encourage as well as challenge the believer who finds himself in a culture seeking to replace objective truth with moral relativism. Entries range from apologetics to home spun tales designed to help the believer think more deeply about his or her faith. To order you copy, click the links below!


If you've had questions regarding this subject, then Tongues: Speaking to God in a Supernatural Language is the book for you. While it is only available for purchase on Apple iBooks, you can secure a copy for reading on Adobe Reader by contacting Pastor Randy directly. You can email him at to ask about getting your copy today!