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Orphans of Pakistan

Join us in this Life Giving Ministry

We at WKCC are committed to this ministry, just as we are to reaching out to families in need in our own community. However, the needs of these kids have grown beyond us. If you would like to help us care for these precious lives, who are being taught the love of Jesus as they are cared for by our friends, you can donate using the button below. 

When you are asked to confirm your gift, there will be a box at the top where you can leave instructions for where you want your gift to go. If you simply type in "Orphans" or "Pakistan" we will make sure that 100% of your gift goes to feed and care for these precious children. Only eternity will tell what your generosity has done in their lives. All gifts are tax deductible.


Pastor Randy

We never really intended to adopt thirty-six children. Some of the best things in life come our way unexpectedly. After we discovered this great work in Pakistan that houses, feeds, and clothes these orphans, we wanted to help. Funds were tight for them, and many had passed up the opportunity to step in and help provide the monthly cost for their food. When we found that we could provide the food they needed for only around $11 per child, we knew we had to get involved.

Our first offering was graciously received and would supply the children food for ten days. That was great, but I couldn't help but wonder, "What happens after that?" So, we kept giving, and over the months, this has become the missions expression of West Kern Christian Center.

We have come to know the wonderful people involved in this ministry and they have true hearts, and effectively reaching their nation for Christ, as well as caring for these and other children who are dependent on their help for their survival.